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Top 10 Things To Do In Brazil

Things To Do In Brazil

Brazil conjures up images of sun, sand, sea, surf, crazy parties and of course perfectly sculpted bodies. In recent years, Brazil has witnessed an increased profile as one of the top ten leisure destinations in the world. With the staggering scale of its natural phenomena to its melting pot of cultures and the harmonious convergence of past and present, Brazil sets the tone for an unforgettable adventure.

Things To Do In Brazil

What’s not to love about Brazil? There are so many sights to see and activities to do in Brazil that it will leave any person spoilt for choice. From the long stretch of sandy beaches in Ipanema, to the dramatic setting of Rio De Janeiro, from the thundering waters of Ignazu falls to the great Amazon forest, there are loads of things to do in Brazil. To explore some of the top things to do in Brazil, read on.

Top Things To Do In Brazil

Be Awestruck by Christ The Redeemer Statue

Perched precariously on the summit of the 700 meters high Corcovado Mountain, in Rio De Janeiro, is the colossal statue of Jesus Christ. The thirty eight meter tall, one thousand one hundred and forty five ton statue of Jesus Christ, with his arms stretched outwards as if blessing the city of Rio De Janeiro, attracts nearly two million tourists and residents every single year. This grand monument which was officially opened to the public in October 12th, 1931 took nearly nine long years to construct. The largest Art Deco style sculpture, the statue of Christ the Redeemer is one of the most identifiable landmarks of Rio De Janeiro.

Christ The Redeemer Statue

Laze Around On The Sandy Beaches Of Ipanema

Known for its elegance and social qualities, Ipanema beach has dictated the terms of beach chic to the rest of the world for a very long time. The Ipanema beach in Rio De Janeiro, which has inspired the hit song ‘Girl From Ipanema’, is adjacent to the famous Copacabana and Leblon beaches. The richer and ritzier sister of Copacabana beach, the sandy beaches of Ipanema, is the favorite haunt for the young and the famous. The best place to soak up the sexy scene of Ipanema beach is the palm fringed boardwalk.

Sandy Beaches Of Ipanema

Marvel At The Thundering Waters Of Ignazu Falls In Parana

One of the most monumental water falls in the world, the Ignazu Falls straddles both Brazil and Argentina. The horseshoe shaped Ignazu falls is spread over a whopping 3.2 kilometers. The Ignazu falls, which derives its name from the Gurani language, and means ‘big water’, comprises of nearly 275 large and small waterfalls. Falling from a height of 80 meters, the Devil’s throat is the largest among the falls. The Ignazu falls is surrounded by thick tropical jungles, which are home to innumerable endangered species of flora and fauna.

Thundering Waters Of Ignazu Falls

Drink Wine At Vale Dos Vinhedos In Rio Grande Do Sul

Vale Dos Vinhedos in Rio Grande Do Sul is the place to head for discerning oenophiles in Brazil. Located 120kms north of the southernmost capital of Porto Alegre, Vale Dos Vinhedos produces nearly ninety percent of Brazils wine. Wine production in this region commenced sometime in 1875. With over thirty wineries, numerous restaurants and rural inns, Vale Dos Vinhedos is the best place to taste some superb new age wine. Some award winning wines you can savor at Vale Dos Vinhedos wineries include the Quatro Castas blend and Syrahs.

Vale Dos Vinhedos

The Metropolitan Cathedral At Sao Paulo

Metropolitan Cathedral or the ‘Se Church’ which is the largest church in Sao Paulo can seat up to eight thousand people. It took nearly forty years to construct this magnificent Neo Gothic style church. The seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Sao Paulo, the Metropolitan Cathedral has often been described as the most beautiful church in the whole of South America. Beautiful architectural features of this building to watch out for, includes its ornate ceiling, hand stained glass windows and numerous beautiful arches.

Metropolitan Cathedral

Hike At Pantanal At Mato Grosso Do Sul

One of the world’s largest tropical wetland areas, Pantanal is located in Grosso Do Sul in Western Brazil. This tropical wetland is considered one of the most well preserved biomes in South America. Enjoying a long hike in Pantanal is also the best way to discover the incredibly diverse flora and fauna of this region. While hiking through the dense forests of Pantanal look out for exotic animals and birds including macaws, parrots, toucans, ibis, cormorants, otters, monkeys, capybaras, alligators and even the elusive jaguar.

Pantanal At Mato Grosso Do Sul

Watch A Football Match At Arena Fonte Nova In Salvador

Football is an extremely popular sport in Brazil. If you are planning to visit Brazil during the 2014 FIFA world cup, then this is the place to be. The original Fonte Nova Stadium was opened in 1951. The new custom built Fonte Nova Stadium which has a seating capacity of 52,048 will host four group matches of the FIFA world cup. The Fonte Nova Stadium complex also features a state of the art concert hall, a museum of football, panoramic restaurants and world class hotels.

Arena Fonte Nova In Salvador

Dive At Fernando De Noronha In Pernambuco

Fernando de Nornha located in the North East of Brazil is an isolated group of volcanic islands. Fernando de Noronha which is archipelago of 21 islands is famed for its pristine beaches. This fabled eco wonderland is also the best place to undertake a diving expedition in Brazil to marvel at the rich undersea flora and fauna. People from all over the world come to enjoy the warm and clear waters of Fernando De Noronha and to spot marine animals like stingrays, turtles and sharks (to name a few).

Dive At Fernando De Noronha

Shop For Indigenous Products At Manaus

Manaus, Amazons largest city is located on the Rio Negro. With its rich culture and huge number of Indian tribes Manaus is the best place to shop for indigenous products. Local products like vines, fiber, seed and wood are used to produce beautiful items like hammocks, baskets and musical instruments (to name a few). Besides purchasing indigenous products you can also explore some charming colonial buildings like the opera house in Manaus.

Indigenous Products At Manaus

Taste Local Cuisine At Florianopolis In Santa Catarina

The capital of the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis has been dubbed by a popular Brazilain weekly as ‘the best place to live in Brazil’. Florianopolis is also one of the top places to taste authentic local cuisine. Besides a wide variety of seafood you can also taste popular local food and even gourmet dishes. Florianopolis is also the place to savor some locally brewed flavored wines.

Local Cuisine In Santa Catarina

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