Top 10 Things To Do In Cyprus

Things To Do In Cyprus

Cyprus is one of Mediterranean’s best kept secrets. Cyprus is a tiny island nation, nestled in the eastern Mediterranean Sea just south of Turkey. With its year long sunshine, stunning scenery and unique culture – which is an exciting convergence of Western European and Asian influences – Cyprus which lies at the crossroads of three continents has become a coveted tourist destination.

Things To Do In Cyprus

If it is love for this exotic island or wanderlust which draws you to Cyprus, there is absolutely no shortage of things to do in this beautiful country. With endless picture perfect beaches which stretch to eternity, magnificent ruins to explore, and authentic cheeses to chew on, Cyprus has become the ultimate destination among people who are constantly looking for new experiences and endless adventure. Some popular activities that you can indulge in while in Cyprus are mentioned below.

Top Things To Do In Cyprus

Discover Kyrenia Old Harbour

Kyrenia is a spectacularly beautiful and culturally rich port town located in Northern Cyprus. With its soothing atmosphere and stunning environs Kyrenia’s old harbor is a charming port town that every person visiting Cyprus should explore. Kyrneia’s old harbor sets the tone for the rest of your adventure in Cyprus with friendly locals, wonderful cafes and laid back atmosphere. Sip a drink in one of the numerous cafes in Kyrenia’s old harbor and take in the unparalleled views of the sea. At Kyrenia’s old harbor you can do some serious shopping and also visit the local markets.

Discover Kyrenia Old Harbour

Enjoy A Hop-On Hop-Off Tour Of Paphos

Nestled in the southwest coast of Cyprus, Paphos is a traditional Cypriot coastal city famous for its paved streets and shaded cafes. The best way to take in the sights and sounds of this medieval harbor town is to travel aboard an open-top, double-decker bus. Blessed with tranquil island scenery and imposing historical sites, Paphos is a place that should be explored during your trip to Cyprus. The hop-on, hop-off tour of Paphos will last for about one and a half hours and will familiarize you with 11 key attractions including Castle of Paphos, Tombs of The Kings and St Paul’s Pillar (to name a few attractions).

Hop On Hop Off Tour Of Paphos

Cycling The Troodos Mountains

Trodoos Mountains the largest mountain range in Cyprus is the best place to get an alternative view of the island. Rising almost 2000 meters above sea level this extensive mountain range is situated in Central Cyprus. There are numerous walking trails and biking routes in Trodoos Mountains. As you cycle along the dedicated biking routes on Trodoos Mountains you can get to see scenic waterfalls, quaint villages, beautiful rivers, numerous vineyards and apple orchards.

Cycling The Troodos Mountains

Bask In Glorious Sunshine At Golden Beach

National Geographic has termed the Golden beach as one of the top beaches in the world. Golden beach an unbelievably picturesque and tranquil beach is located in the south side of North Cyprus’s Karpas peninsula. With its miles of golden sands, azure blue seas and romantic atmosphere this is the best place in Cyprus for couples to escape to spend some romantic time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Book yourself into one of the numerous beach front villas on Golden beach to spend some quiet time with your loved ones.

Golden Beach In Cyprus

Explore The Historic City Of Salamis

Located on the East coast of Cyprus is the historically rich ancient city state of Salamis. Salamis became the capital of Cyprus in 1100 BC. To get a real sense of the massive scale of a roman city, a visit to the partially excavated city of Salamis located approximately 5 miles from the city of Famagusta in a must. Some of the top historical sites to look out for in Salamis includes the Roman baths, amphitheater, gymnasium, the granite water meter, the market place, the Temple of Olympia Zeus, Kampanopetra Basilica, St. Ephipanius Basilica and the old harbor of the city (to name a few).

The Historic City Of Salamis

Hike Along The Numerous Walking Trails At Akamas Peninsula

Situated on the north-west coast of Cyprus is the picturesque Akamas peninsula. Covering nearly 230 square kilometers, the Akamas peninsula is a place of extraordinary natural beauty. The Akamas peninsula is home to nearly 168 species of birds, 12 different types of mammals, 20 types of reptiles and 16 species of butterflies. Hike along any of the three official trails of the Akamas peninsula including the Smigies trail, Aphrodite trail or Adonis trail. Some top sites to watch out for, while hiking along the Akamas peninsula, includes the Avakas Gorge, Baths of Aphrodite, Lara Bay and the Blue Lagoon.

Walking Trails At Akamas Peninsula

Undertake A Diving Expedition At Larnaca

Larnaca, the third largest city on the Southern coast of Cyprus, is one of premier dive sites in the Mediterranean. If you are a diving enthusiast you can even plan a diving holiday in Larnaca. The dive season in Cyprus extends from mid March to October. While diving in Larnaca, you can see numerous underwater coastal reefs, stunning marine life and underwater caves. Thanks to the numerous turtle conservation projects in Cyprus you may even get to spot the extremely rare sea turtle.

Diving Expedition At Larnaca

Taste Authentic Cypriot Cuisine

Largely Mediterranean with Middle Eastern and Greek influences, Cypriot cuisine is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. A trip to Cyprus is just not complete without tasting authentic Cypriot food. Dishes prepared from vegetables, seafood and meat are extremely popular in Cyprus. This island nation is also famous for its deserts. Popular Cypriot dishes include the Koupepia, Yemista, Stifado, Sheftalia and Kourabiedes (to name a few).

Authentic Cypriot Cuisine

Marvel At The Exotic Hala Sultan Tekke Complex

Hala Sultan Tekke Complex is situated approximately 6 kilometers south west of Larnaca, next to the salt lake. Prophet Muhammad’s paternal aunt is believed to be buried in this location. The Hala Sultan Tekke complex is a vast compound comprising of a mosque, mausoleum, cemetery and separate living quarters for men and women. The mosque is Hala Sultan Tekke complex is supposed to be the 4th most holy site in the world for Muslims. The beautiful garden which surrounds this spectacular complex is a must see place for first time tourists.

Hala Sultan Tekke Complex

Archaeological Finds At Cyprus Museum

The oldest and largest archeological museum in Cyprus is the Cyprus Archeological Museum or the Cyprus Museum. The Cyprus museum was founded in 1882. Located in central Nicosia, this museum houses the best collection of archeological finds in Cyprus. Some of the top displays of this museum include the terracotta figurines, limestone lions, sphinxes and the famous Aphrodite of Soli statue (to name a few). While visiting this museum you should also look out for the displays of beautiful mosaics.

Cyprus Archaeological Museum