Top 10 Things To Do In Mauritius

Top 10 Things To Do In Mauritius

Mauritius is the perfect holiday getaway that you should explore this winter. With its powdery white beaches, picture postcard blue seas, whispering sugarcane fields and jagged hills, this exotic island nation located off the Tropic of Capricorn caters to the discerning needs of each and every individual. This super luxe travel destination, which was once the playground of the filthy rich and the superbly famous, caters to the exclusive needs of tourists from across the globe.

Top 10 Things To Do In Mauritius

The infectious ‘joie de vivre’ you get to experience from the moment you land at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, sets the pace for the rest of your holiday in Mauritius. The friendly people (a mixture of Indian, African, Chinese and European backgrounds) and the tropical luxury vibe of Mauritius will leave even the most widely traveled individual spellbound. Such is the unique charm of Mauritius that you will definitely want to visit this tropical island paradise again and again.

Ten Things To Do In Mauritius

Relax At The Le Waterpark and Leisure Village

The best way to start your holiday after a long haul flight is to relax at the Le Waterpark and Leisure Village, located on the east coast of Mauritius near the Belle Mare Public Beach. If you want to experience some thrilling water rides including the big wave pool then head out to the Le Waterpark and Leisure Village. Top notch food courts, shops selling interesting souvenirs and sites created specially for young children makes the Le Waterpark and Leisure village one of the most sought after leisure destinations in Mauritius.

Relax At The Le Waterpark

Experience Sree Seewoosagur Ramagoolam Botanical Garden

The Pamplemousses Botanical Garden or the Sree Seewoosagur Ramagoolam Botanical Garden, one of the oldest and most popular botanical gardens in the southern hemisphere, is located near Port Louis in Mauritius. This botanical garden which is more than 300 years old is home to nearly 650 varieties of plants, including a large number of exotic palm trees acquired from different corners of the world.

With an entrance fee of about 200 Mauritan rupees per person, and a personal guided tour for another 50 rupees, this well laid out garden features heavily on the must experience things in Mauritius. Also examine the beautiful ponds scattered around the garden where you can see giant water lilies and exotic fish species.

Sree Seewoosagur Ramagoolam Botanical Garden

Unwind On Belle Mare Beach

Soak up the sun on the beautiful Belle Mare beach which is located near the town of Mahebourg. Situated on the southeast side of the main island, the long, sugar white beaches and brilliantly aquamarine water is what makes this beach one of the top tourist attractions in the whole of Mauritius.

Enjoy the unrivaled beauty of the Belle Mare beach by spending a whole day swimming and sunbathing. For the adventurous souls who want to stretch out their limbs, after lazing around on the beach for hours on end, there are two world class golf courses located near the beach.

Unwind On Belle Mare Beach

Enjoy Horse Racing At Champs De Mars Racecourse

This is one of the oldest racecourses not just in Mauritius but probably in the entire southern hemisphere. This racecourse was inaugurated on June 25th, 1812 by Sir Robert Townsend Farquhar, who was the first British Governor of Mauritius. If you are a horse racing fanatic or just want to experience an adrenaline pumping horse race, head out to the Champs De Mars racecourse in Port Louis, Mauritius.

Champs de Mars enjoys a long racing season from late March all the way to the end of December. You can also interact with racing aficionados from across the globe on this racetrack.

Champs De Mars Racecourse

Experience the Awesome Chamarel Waterfalls

One of the most famous and well recognized waterfalls in Mauritius, the chamarel waterfall cascades down in a frothy white rage from a height of nearly 83 meters. Surrounded by lush vegetation this spectacular waterfall in situated in the western side of Mauritius. After observing the waterfalls you can interact with the locals at Chamarel village. Situated close to the waterfalls is the amazing seven colored earth (from volcanic rock) which is unique to this place.

Chamarel Waterfalls

Organize a Trip to Rhumerie De Chamarel Distillery

If you are visiting the chamarel waterfalls don’t forget to visit the Rhumerie De Chamarel distillery which is just a short hop away. The long winding road leading up to the rhumerie is lined with pineapple and sugar cane plantations. Jostling alongside these cash crops are plantations of exotic fruits. Once you reach the rhumerie you can enjoy a superb meal at L’Alchimiste restaurant.

After tasting the delectable world class spread at the restaurant, you can tour the impressive Rhumerie De Chamarel distillery and even participate in a rum tasting session (distilled from mature sugar cane plants). Purchase a couple of bottles of this dark / golden colored rum as a reminder of your time spent in this unique distillery.

Trip to Rhumerie De Chamarel Distillery

Sign Up For Ile Aux Cerfs Island Tour

This is an ideal way to spend a whole day enjoying the stunning island of Ile Aux Cerfs. You can sign up for an Ile Aux Cerfs Tour or charter a boat to take you across the aquamarine blue waters to this pretty little island. Once you reach the island you can try out numerous water sports including jet skiing, water skiing, para sailing or snorkeling.

Swim with exotic fish species and end the day with a hearty meal at one of the numerous restaurants which caters to almost every palate. The paradise island of Ile Aux Cerfs is a wonderful way to spend some exciting time with your family.

Ile Aux Cerfs Island

Go Shopping At Quatre Borne

Qautre Borne is a shopaholic’s mecca in Mauritius. Qautre Borne is a beautiful little village located in the Plaines Wilhems District. From up market shopping malls to flea markets you can spend a whole day hunting for high end goods or local souvenirs in Quatre Borne.

Visit this place on Wednesdays and Fridays to try out a mind boggling array of local produce including exotic fruits and seafood. You can shop for baskets, spices, local rum, textiles and / or artisanal products in this sprawling market.

Go Shopping At Quatre Borne

Hike Up the Pouce Mountain

This is a wonderful way to enjoy the stunning, panoramic views of Mauritius. The hike up the Pouce Mountain which lasts just under an hour starts at the Moka museum. The third highest mountain in Mauritius with a height of nearly 812 meters, the Pouce Mountain Hike offers stunning views of Snake Island, Flat Island and Round Island. Any one over the age of ten can sign up for this trek. Finish the trek by having a small picnic at the summit while enjoying the unrivaled views.

Hike Up the Pouce Mountain

Go Quad Biking In Mauritius

This is one of the best adrenaline pumping ways to experience the slightly hilly terrain of Mauritius. Rent a quad bike and spend a couple of hours exploring the unique Mauritian countryside. You can use a quad bike to see out of the way places which you normally cannot explore on a regular four wheel drive. Ideally, drive in groups so you can enjoy the whole experience better.

Go Quad Biking In Mauritius

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