Top 10 Things To Do In Singapore

Top 10 Things To Do In Singapore

Possessing a population of almost 5 million, Singapore is a modern state-country that is located at the Malay Peninsula. A distinguishing fact about Singapore is that it is the only country in Asia that has English as its official language. Another interesting fact about Singapore is that it is truly a cosmopolitan country, with its population comprising of Indian, Malay and even Chinese.

Top 10 Things To Do In Singapore

Many people think that a visit to Singapore only entails shopping, watching movies or dining at luxury hotels. However, the truth is that there are various other things that you can do in Singapore, besides shopping or eating. Here is a list of top 10 things you should try out, if you are planning to visit this beautiful country.

Savor The Seafood

Singapore is well-known for its seafood cuisine, which ranges from chilli crab to butter prawns and black pepper crayfish. Especially, the chillli crab is an authentic Singaporean dish, where crabs are first fried and thereafter, cooked in a thick and sweet gravy. If you are looking for authentic Penang cuisine, visiting the Princess Terrace Café would be a great idea. In case you are looking for something unique, taste the Nonya food that combines Chinese, Indonesian and Malay flavors.

 Savor The Seafood

Satisfy Your Creative Urge

Singapore is renowned globally for its cultural milieu and so, it is not surprising that the country has some of the best art centers of the world. The Arts House is a reputed exhibition center that allows visitors to observe the latest creative talents of the country. If you are passionate about performing arts or theatre, visiting the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay would be a great idea. You can also check out the artwork at the famous Ritz – Carlton Millenia.

 Esplanade Theatres

Explore The Little India

If you are an Indian, exploring the Little India, which is an ethnic neighborhood, is must. Even if you are not from India or any other Asian country, visiting the Little India will help you to acquire an in-depth knowledge about Asian culture. The roads of this colorful neighborhood are filled with the intoxicating smell of spices that have been imported from India. You can also visit Mustafa – a shopping complex in Singapore that contains jewelry, perfume, electronics and household goods.

Explore The Little India

Enjoy The Calmness In The Singapore Botanic Gardens

If you are tired from incessant shopping, it’s time to visit the Botanic Gardens. Spread over an area of 74 hectares, this garden is an epitome of calmness and pure, natural beauty. The best part is that the Botanic Gardens contains clean lakes, wild and rare plants and also has a lush green tropical rainforest. The Botanic Gardens stays open from 5 in the morning till midnight, thus making it possible to avoid the peak hours and the crowd.

Botanic Gardens

Visit The Singapore Zoo

Spread over an area of 69 acres, Singapore Zoo boasts of a rich wildlife that includes white tigers, rhinos, elephants and monkeys. A distinguishing feature of the zoo is that animals are kept in open enclosures. This makes the visitors feel that they are at a touching distance with the animals. The zoo also provides its visitors with special experiences that include elephant rides, wildlife tours, camps and clicking photos with animals.

Singapore Zoo

Explore The Universal Studio

Universal Studio is the first theme park of Singapore that contains an extensive range of thrilling attractions and rides. At this park, you can interact with Shrek or enjoy a wild encounter with huge dinosaurs of the Jurassic Park. You can also opt for delicious foods or drinks, in between exploring the rides or other attractions. Ticket price varies on daily basis, so it is better if you can check out official website of the Universal Studio on the day of visit.

Universal Studio

Participate In The Night Safari

Night Safari is one of the unique features of Singapore. It is the first wildlife park in the world that operates during the night. It is spread over an area of 40 hectares and contains more than 1000 animals, many of whom belong to the threatened species. You can view these animals either by opting for walking tours or going on a tram ride. You can also relish delicious dishes at the Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant that is located within the park.

The Night Safari

Visit The Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands can be referred to as an integrated resort that covers an area of almost 15.5 hectares. It possesses loads of restaurants, theaters, exhibition halls, entertainment venues and shopping stores. Some interesting facts about Marina Bay Sands are that it possesses the highest rooftop pool in the world and also offers gondola rides to its visitors. Marina Bay Sands is lovingly also called the Las Vegas of Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands

Revisit History By Exploring The Museums Of Singapore

If you are one of those who love acquiring information about important historical events, visiting the museums of Singapore would be a good idea. You can visit the Changi museum that provides visitors with information about the condition of Singapore during the Second World War. The museum contains paintings and pictures that have been donated by ex POWs. You can also visit the National Museum of Singapore, which is one of the oldest museums in Singapore.

Museums Of Singapore

Visit The Wet Markets Of Singapore

If you are a real foodie, visiting wet markets of Singapore is compulsory. Some of the famous wet markets of Singapore include the Chinatown wet market, Geylang Serai wet market, Senoko Fishery port and Tekka wet market. Though these markets are called wet markets, in reality they contain a wet as well as a dry section. While in the wet area you can get fish and meat, in the dry area you can buy spices, herbs, dried seafood and noodles. If you are an expert in bargaining, you will find the wet market as the perfect place for showing off your talent.

Markets Of Singapore

The unique fact about Singapore is that it boasts of a rich and yet, modern, cosmopolitan culture. Tradition and modernity has merged successfully in this country and this reflects in its culture as well.