Top 5 Art Fairs To Visit In Miami

Top 5 Art Fairs To Visit In Miami

“Art Fair” is a great platform for not only budding but also established artists to showcase their work.

For the art enthusiasts and the curious ones, Art Fairs can be a really good idea to spend a day at, appreciate the other side and take it all in.

Miami is known for its Art Fair week between 1st December – 7th December, taking place at the Beach, Midtown and Downtown Miami.

Here Are 6 Of The Best Art Fairs, Spread Across The Beautiful Miami

Miami Beach And Convention Centre.

1. Art Basel Miami

This fair is one of the most vast and well-celebrated art fairs, especially due to its leading modern and contemporary artwork showcase and also its ability to attract every kind of enthusiast.

Art Basel Miami

Though on the costlier side, this art fair is one to watch and will be worth every penny you would spend.

2. Aqua Art Miami

An extension of the Art Miami family, this fair is conducted in a very expansive hotel, with a very easy breezy feel associated with it. It focuses on encouraging young talent and exhibits around its theme, and this one is especially cheap for students, almost always under 10 dollars.

Aqua Art Miami

Midtown And Design District

3. Art Miami

History precedes reputation, and this is extremely true in case of Art Miami, because of its focus on providing artwork and installations for all the international contemporaries and intermediaries. This one is for those who want to really experience extraordinary variety and outstanding quality with experience.

Art Miami

4. ArtSpot Miami

An International presence in its early years, this fair is one to look out for, especially because it’s a stand alone fair and houses a lot of contemporary paintings, sculptures, photographs etc. in Latin American Art section.

ArtSpot Miami

Downtown, Brickell And Coconut Grove

5. Concept Art Fair

One of the most out of the box fairs, this focuses on blue chip secondary modern master works and contemporary art, only limited to around 22 selected dealers, especially designed in a sophisticated and elegant manner in accordance to its appeal and aura. Though it can tip to the costlier side, it is one to go for.

Concept Art Fair

6. Fridge Art Fair

This fair focuses on showcasing art to one from every walk of life, and the organization believes that the spirit should be to spread the love of art and generate compassion for the same. It showcases beautiful pieces with a different style and twist to each, which will surely leave you in awe.

Fridge Art Fair miami

If you are an art enthusiast or even slightly interested or want to explore the concept, don’t hesitate to check out these art fairs, even if only one and appreciate their hard work, next time you are in this beautiful city!