Top 5 Museums In Sydney

Museums In Sydney

Sydney is not only famous for its lovely beaches, verdant gardens and parks and great shopping destinations, but this city is also home to some of the most historic and grand museums that attract tourists from different parts of the globe. If you are visiting Sydney, you must definitely take a tour of the fabulous museums that feature magnificent art works and ancient objects that depict the life and times of the early Australian Aborigines. Further, there are few striking museums that depict the role of modern science and technology in the lives of the present generation. So, if you considered museums to be boring, it’s time to change your thought.

Here Is A List Of The Top 5 Museums In Sydney That Will Offer An Overwhelming Experience For Your Entire Family:

Powerhouse Museum:

This museum is situated near Darling Harbour, inside the Ultimo Power Station building and it showcases an impressive range of items related to the fields of fashion, health, modern culture, technology, engineering, nuclear science, design and architecture. You will be amazed with the wide variety of items on display at the museum. If you simply love gadgets or have great interests in science and technology, you must definitely pay a visit to the Powerhouse Museum. This museum is also well-known for its child-friendly environment.

Powerhouse Museum

Australian National Maritime Museum:

If you are an explorer at heart, you would like to go to the Australian National Maritime Museum. This museum portrays the essential role of water in the development of Australia as a nation. The museum conducts exhibitions on various aspects related to water like discovery of Australian coast by the French and Dutch, relationship of the Royal Australian Navy with water and also displays how the life of early Australian Aborigines got affected by water. Apart from this, the museum also houses spectacular vessels comprising of a yacht and a destroyer ship.

Australian National Maritime Museum

Australian Museum:

If you are looking for an exciting place to take your kids or just purely relax, you can head towards the Australian Museum. Boasting of a popular location near Hyde Park, the museum demonstrates the rich history of Australia including the lifestyle of the ancient Aborigines through a splendid exhibition of artefacts like time-worn handmade baskets and boomerangs. You will experience a thrilling adventure while taking a look at some of the most dangerous crocodiles, snakes, scorpions and dinosaur skeletons that have inhabited the Australian ground.

Australian Museum

Hyde Park Barracks Museum:

The Hyde Park Barracks Museum has a haunted feel to it. This museum is popularly thronged by people who like to explore old mysterious places. This place was used as an immigration repository, convict home and it also served as law courts over years. The museum has several objects on display like the prisoner’s hammock and everyday lifestyle items like shirts, stockings and other similar things belonging to the earlier period of 18th century. People coming here will have a first-hand experience of the day-to-day life of the prisoners who have been staying in this place in earlier times.

Hyde Park Barracks Museum

Nicholson Museum:

The Nicholson Museum is situated inside the University of Sydney and it is the storehouse of awe-inspiring antique objects belonging to Italy, Egypt, Greece, Europe and Cyprus. The high-point of this museum is the portrayal of a real mummy that attracts multitude of visitors. Other star attractions include French hand-axe, bronze artefacts, lamps and vases from Italian period and ceramic vessels from the Cypriot era.

Nicholson Museum