Top 6 Must Visit Museums In Delhi

Must Visit Museums In Delhi

A museum is always must visit attraction to a tourist.  A museum exhibits various objects connected to history, art and culture of a particular place as well as the particular country and the whole world. Though the national museum of India is located in Kolkta ( i.e. Calcutta), New Delhi, the capital city of India has number of great museums on various subjects that attract visitors regularly.

Here Are Top 6  Museums That A Visitor Must Visit In Delhi:

1. Archeological Museum

This museum is situated in Red Fort. A tourist can visit this while  visiting the Red Fort. This museum has large number of  objects from ancient to modern India. Objects from prehistoric past to India under British rule that enthrall visitors here include utensils and potteries, paintings, weapons etc. The interesting feature of this museum is that it has a great collection of items connected to Sipahi Mutiny of 1857.

Archeological Museum

2. Gandhi Museum

No visit to know India is complete without gathering information on Father of Indian nation Mahatma Gandhi. There is a museum on Mahatma Gandhi near Raj Ghat where he was cremated. Five large pavilions which contain still photographs, paintings, sculptures and items used by the great man provide enough information to a tourist who wants to know Mahatma Gandhi. This is a must visit museum in Delhi.

Gandhi Museum

3. National Gallery Of Modern Art

Situated in Jaipur House near India Gate and Delhi High Court this place is also a must visit for tourists who have interest in art and paintings. This art museum is particularly famous for its collections of old paintings that belong to 19th as well as early 20th century. Many British painters captured British India in their canvas remaining in India during British rule. This art gallery exhibits such paintings done by renowned British painters like Thomas and William Daniell.

National Gallery Of Modern Art

4. Police Museum

A very interesting place for a visitor who wants to have a glimpse on the nature and evolution of law and order in this country as well as in the world. A number of items used by police from uniform to weapons and photographs as well as valuable ancient documents  are exhibited here. A tourist can have an idea of how law enforcement worked in India during British period.

5. Nehru Museum

Nehru Museum is located in Teen Murti Bhavan. It is actually a  building from British period that is turned into a museum for independence movement. This great museum contains number of valuable stills and news paper or other paper cuttings that depict incidents from freedom movement. Besides life of first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru is also chronicled here for the visitors.

Nehru Museum

6. Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum

Indira Gandhi is perhaps the most internationally known face after Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru in Delhi. That is why her residence at Safderjang Road is converted to a museum which exhibits items used by the former prime minister and several valuable photographs. In this memorial museum the road through which Indira Gandhi walked before she was assassinated by her bodyguards is preserved for visitors from outside. It is a must see item for a tourist who visits this museum.

Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum

So if you have any intention to visit museums of Delhi kindly do not miss the museums depicted here in the list.