Top 7 Coffee Shops In Cape Town That You Should Definitely Visit

Coffee Shops In Cape Town

Coffee shops in Cape Town have come to be regarded as the most happening hotspots in the city by both locals and tourists alike. Whether you want to spend some romantic moments with your date or engage in brainstorming sessions with friends, the illustrious cafes will prove to be the ultimate venue for your conversations. The coffee shops in the city are known for their intimate and cheerful milieu and of course for the amazing experience that is made memorable with exceptional coffee beans roasted and brewed by experts. Here is a list of the top 7 coffee shops in Cape Town that should not be missed by anyone who is passionate about coffee.

Below Are The Top 7 Coffee Shops In Cape Town:

Bean There:

Who wouldn’t like to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee prepared from hand selected supreme coffee beans? This place offers you just that! If you develop a sudden coffee craving during the busy hours of any regular weekday, you should head towards Bean There Café. The pleasant décor with beautiful artworks will make you feel relaxed while you sit back and take a sip of your cuppa! You will be spoilt for choice while deciding from multiple options like Espresso, Iced Latte, Americano, Piccolo, Macchiato, Brownies, Cookies, Sandwich and Carrot Cake.

Bean There

Kamili Coffee:

If you are looking forward to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, step into Kamili Coffee which is located in Shortmarket Street in Cape Town. The coffee shop is decorated to create a homely, countryside feel where you can have your coffee forgetting the worries of daily life. The coffee served here is made from premier quality coffee beans sourced from African countries like Uganda and Ethiopia. Don’t forget to try the cappuccino and tasty croissants before you step out of this coffee shop.

Kamili Coffee

Mischu- The Coffee Showroom:

Situated at Sea Point in Cape Town, Mischu- The Coffee Showroom has everything to please the heart of a coffee lover! Whether you are out on a special coffee date with your partner or just want to have some chat with your friends and family, you will find this place to be throbbing with life. The Café offers Espresso coffee, Red Cappuccino, Dark Hot Chocolate and Iced Coffee to name only a few. If you are feeling hungry, you can have few delicious baked tidbits to accompany your coffee.

Mischu- The Coffee Showroom

Deluxe Coffeworks:

If you want to try some unconventional and innovative variants of coffee, you have to pay a visit to Deluxe Coffeeworks in Church Street. The coffee beans are freshly roasted by accomplished hands over here. Hence, you get world-class brew in this simple, unassuming café. You can choose from a large variety of beverages including Cortado, Espresso, Café Latte, Cappuccino, Macchiato or the tempting Affogato topped with vanilla ice cream.

Deluxe Coffeworks

Shift Espresso Bar:

The Shift Espresso Bar has made its entry into the Cape Town coffee scene pretty recently, but it has already managed to woo the hearts of coffee fanatics in the city. The ambience is friendly, casual and inviting. The menu has a lot to offer in terms of coffee alone. You can try their Special Lattes, Smoothies, Mocha, White Chocolate Coffee, Chai Latte and Iced Coffee. For those who prefer tea, a variety of options like Earl Grey Tea, Jasmine Queen Tea, Minted Tea and Cleansing Detox Tea are also available. If you are in mood for some internet browsing or want to complete any essential office work, you can do so right from the comfort of the café as it provides free Wi-Fi as a bonus.

Shift Espresso Bar

The Blend:

This humble little coffee shop is located at Roeland Street in Cape Town. It boasts of a vibrant atmosphere which is very cozy and warm. You can spend few laid-back hours with your loved ones in this stylish café. The price is also pretty reasonable here and you get a large variety of coffee, sandwiches and breakfast options like Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Coffee, White Hot Chocolate Mocha, Milk Hot Chocolate Coffee, Mocha Frappucino, Espresso, Ceylon and Rooibos Tea, Sweet Greens and Beet Juices, Veggie, Tuna and Chicken Pesto Wraps, Cheese, Ham and Tomato Sandwich, Spicy Cajun Chicken Salad, Le French Toast, Egg Croissant, Feta and Bacon Burger and Muesli to name only a few from the big menu list.

The Blend

Truth Coffee Roasting:

If you have love for all things that are Victorian and vintage in style, you have to visit Truth Coffee Roasting at least once and then you will find yourself dropping by the café again and again. The joy of having extraordinary coffee while sitting and admiring the steampunk décor is remarkably pleasurable. Here, you get nothing but good quality coffee which consists of Sunrise Espresso mixed with orange juice, Flat White Espresso, Potion Coffee, Battle Brew Coffee and Babychino. Tea also occupies a fair portion of the menu including Chili Ginger Tea, Iced Mango Vanilla Tea and Apple Cinnamon Tea.

Truth Coffee Roasting