Top 8 Places For Nightlife In Buenos Aires

Places For Nightlife In Buenos Aires

If you are in Buenos Aires and want to party hard, then you will not get disappointed. With plenty of night clubs to choose from, you can enjoy the music, have a drink and dance with your friends all night till dawn. The long party nights packed with a lot of entertainment are perfect for party lovers. Just check out a night club, have a cocktail and hit the dance floor till sunrise.

Here Is The List Of Top 8 Places For Nightlife In Buenos Aires:

8. Unicorn Huset

Unicorn Huset is a Scandinavian-owned club which is favorite among many locals and tourists. You can visit this place from Wednesday till Saturday. With lots of drinks available and excellent music played by DJ, the club attracts fashionable and young crowd. You can visit this place after 9 p.m. Spending time with your friends here is worthwhile.

Unicorn Huset

7. Niceto Club

A popular place offering a great nightlife, this club is located in Palermo Viejo. Apart from hip-hop outfits, ska and local reggae, it is also known for live bands performances. The club has a peppy atmosphere that makes you shake your leg on the vibrant music. There are a variety of cocktails to choose from. No doubt, it is one of the most famous places for nightlife in Buenos Aires.

Niceto Club

6. Kika Club

Looking for a place where you can party hard with your friends? Kika Club is a great choice to spend a dazzling night. Located in Palermo Viejo, you will find gringos and locals on its two dance floors. It is quite famous for its Tuesday night’s party on which the club witnesses a huge crowd. Kick off the stress in your life by hitting the dance floor.

Kika Club

5. Jet

You will see the cream class of Buenos Aires in this upscale nightclub. Many famous DJs play music here which makes this place gain a lot of popularity. Travellers love to visit this club and dance to the music till sunrise. Watching the night turning into a beautiful morning is very refreshing. Make sure you stay till morning to have this wonderful view.


4. Pacha

This club has a beautiful terrace which offers amazing views of the city. People love to spend their night on its terrace dancing to their favourite tunes. If you want to get a VIP service, please book your table in advance. Known for an excellent staff service and mind-blowing music, you will love to visit this place again and again.


3. Liv

Liv is a perfect place for those who are into serious clubbing. You will be impressed by the sound system and sparkling atmosphere of this place. The best time to visit this club is on Friday and Saturday when it is packed with locals and tourists. However, the drinks are a bit expensive here.


2. Asia de Cuba

Though Asia de Cuba is a wonderful restaurant but it converts itself into a stylish night club at night. Located in Puerto Madero, this place attracts many rich locals and high-class tourists. If you reach here after midnight, you will be tempted to hit the dance floor.

Asia de Cuba

1. Amerika

Though the club is known as an exclusive club for gays, it welcomes everyone to add variety to its clientele. It hosts amazing parties from Thursday to Sunday. There are three floors in the club which can accommodate up to 2000 people. Each day hosts a different party theme which is exciting and inviting.