Top 8 Places To Experience Exciting Camping Trips In Maine

Experience Exciting Camping Trips In Maine

A hectic schedule in busy city life can give you lot of stress. It is very important to take small vacations or weekends from this life and get some time to come close to nature and the best way to do so is go camping. You not only get full of energy after it ends but also get a chance to spend quality time with your family; stay away from your smartphone, cook outdoor, play games and other stuff. The best place to do camping is Maine with some of the best state parks, forest cover and lakes; Maine is the camper’s paradise.

Some Of The Best Places To Camp In Maine Are As Follows:

Pleasant Hill

Located near many areas of attraction, pleasant hill also has modern facilities like golf course Wi-Fi and paved roads, Pleasant hill also has swimming pools, fishing ponds, electronic hook-ups with over 105 spacious sites and much more it is a country atmosphere with all amenities. You can enjoy here with over a cost of $30 per day.

Pleasant hill

Moosehead Lake

Being the largest lake of the US state of Maine, the Moosehead Lake is loved by campers very much. Actually this is also the largest mountain lake that offers source of the Kennebec river. The lake is bordered by Greenville and Rockwood respectively in the North and the southwest. Situation of more than 80 islands in the Lake makes this place suitable for camping lovers.

Moosehead Lake

Moose River Background

This is the best place in Maine for bird hunting. You will experience hot showers and quiet environment in the place during summer camping. The compound is kept clean and there is lots of place to stay and relax. You can carry out constant activities as well as mobile one as per your preference. The cabins build there are clean and cozy, totally suitable for family. The pool is comfortable and good despite of being small.

Moose River Background

Bigelow Preserve

Stretched in over 36K acres, the Bigelow Mountain Preserve is a famous nature preserve of the western region of Maine. Created in 1976, the preserve was proposed for development of a ski resort too. The place has become of more importance due to presence of the highest mountains, Mount Biglow there and Flagstaff Lake. Organising a camping trip there is definitely a good idea as you will be able to catch some picturesque mountain shots in the place. Secondly, the presence of lake also will help you to break monotony of the mountainous view and try something different this time.

Bigelow preserve

Baxter State Park

Situated in Piscataquis country, the park is spread in over 2, 00,000 acres this park has many water bodies like lakes and ponds containing several waterfalls too. This place is visited by thousands of visitors every year. You can not only enjoy camping over here but this place also gives you view of wildlife,moose black bear and white tailed deer being a common species here which can be seen in summers near the roads, also the park keeps you near the nature as there is no running electricity Wi-Fi or any paved roads.

Baxter state park

Acadia National Park

Established in 1916 this park has been spread in above 47,000 acres. Acquiring most part of Mount Desert Island this park is home to 40 different kind of wildlife species including red grey squirrels, chip munks, white tailed deer and various others this park has over 25,00,000 visitors every year.

Acadia national park

Sebago Lake State Park

Establishment of the park took place in 1938 and it is spread in over 1342 acres. Divided into two parts by SongoRiver the east and the west sections, this park offer 250 locations of campsites along with some common facilities like swimming, fishing, boating this park also offers hiking trails and roadway biking to its visitors.

Sebago Lake state park

Bay Of Fundy

It is a bay located on the Atlantic coast of North America with a small portion touching U.S.A. The Bay of Fundy is known for having the highest tidal range in the world and holds the world record from “Guinness book of world record” for having highest tides in Nova Scotia. The thing that makes this place special is that during summer nearly 12 species of whales are found in this Bay, they use it as a play area and hence makes it a perfect place of whale watching.
Maine is considered always an ideal place for campers as there are nearly 48 main destinations for camping so take a map with you and start exploring nature. Always remember to choose a place which is suitable for all the members of your camp when planning a fun trip to Maine.

Bay of Fundy