Top 9 Famous Parks In Delhi

Famous Parks In Delhi

If you are a nature lover, you must be enjoying going to parks. Parks are full of greenery, fresh air, beautiful plants, trees and flowers. They not only look beautiful but also give us a healthy environment. Delhi is known for some of its amazing parks where people love to go for a walk and spend time.

Here Is A List Of 10 Best Parks In Delhi:

1. Garden of Five Senses

Located in South Delhi at a distance of 2 km from Qutub Minar, the Garden of Five Senses is a perfect combination of texture, fragrance, form and color. There are 500 bells which create beautiful sounds in the atmosphere. The garden has an impressive landscape with sculptures, greenery and walkway. You will find many unique plants like Rudraksha, Kalpa Vriksh, Geranium, Calendula etc here. A unique feature of the garden is its Solar Energy Park which showcases solar powered bicycles, cars and buses. Many cultural programs are also hosted here such as Nature Walks, Yoga Camps, Garden Festivals.

Garden of Five Senses

2. Lodhi Gardens

Located on the famous Lodhi Road, this garden covers an area of more than 90 acres. It is a famous place for morning walkers. Created by the Lodhis in 15th century, the garden has a beautiful architecture and design. There is a ‘Bara Gumbad’ and tomb of Sikander Lodhi which give an ancient look to the place. The garden is known for its beautiful walking paths and a wide range of flowers and plants. Each morning in this garden brings fresh air and lovely views of the greenery.

Lodhi Gardens

3. Buddha Jayanti Park

This park is named after Lord Buddha’s 2500th birth anniversary. There is a giant statue of Buddha in the park which is built at a height of 2.5 meters on an island. A stone fence is placed in a circle around the statue which is known as Parikarma. You will also see colorful stone rings which symbolize different elements. For example, red stone ring is for fire, green stone ring for space, yellow for earth and white represents water.

Buddha Jayanti Park

4. Deer Park

This park is named after Aditya Nath Jha, a social worker. It is a perfect place for jogging, walking and spending a day with your family and friends. There are many sub-sections in the Deer Park such as Rabbit Enclosures, Duck Park etc. The historical tombs display the Mughal Era in a beautiful manner. Entry is free for visitors in the Deer park.

Deer Park

5. Nehru Park

Located in Chanakyapuri, Nehru Park is named after Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India. Built in 1969, it covers 80 acres of land. It is famous for the giant statue of Vladimir Lenin. Many musical concerts are also organized in the park. Apart from these events, there is also a café and an old Shiv temple in the garden which attract a lot of visitors.

Nehru Park

6. Asola Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in Asola, this sanctuary attracts a large number of tourists every year. There is a Conservation Education Centre which provides valuable information on how to conserve Flora and Fauna. The sanctuary has around 193 birds’ species, 83 butterflies’ species, numerous insects and a wide range of medicinal plants. Special programs are organized for children every year to enhance their knowledge about wildlife.

Asola Wildlife Sanctuary

7. National Zoological Park

Located near Old Fort, this beautiful park is a home to many birds and animals. You can see a wide range of animals like chimpanzee, spider monkey, zebras, gir lion, giraffes, hippopotamus and many more. There are many migratory birds such as hyenas, peafowl, jaguars and macaques in the zoo. You can hire a battery-operated vehicle or visit the zoo on foot.

National Zoological Park

8. Kalindi Kunj

Located near Delhi-Noida border, Kalindi Kunj has beautiful lawns that attract many visitors. There are lovely fountains which make the garden look beautiful at night. There is a waterpark and amusement park known as ‘Delhi Rides’. Around 3000 people can enjoy the rides in the waterpark at one time. If you are visiting Delhi, then this place should not be missed.

Kalindi Kunj

9. Mahatma Gandhi Park

Though it is a small park but it is quite famous for its lovely lawns and beautiful design. The sculptors of Mahatma Gandhi commemorate the struggle of Independence and represent the sacrifice made by him.  Also known as Company Bagh, the flowers and trees in the garden are a delight to watch. The atmosphere is usually very peaceful and quiet. Many festivals and events are organized in the park. There is no entry fee charged from the visitors. You will find many shopping places and eating joints around the park. However, it is opened only on Sundays.

Mahatma Gandhi Park