Top 5 Things To Do In Switzerland

Top 5 Things To Do In Switzerland

Top 5 Things To Do In Switzerland

Switzerland, often referred to as Heaven on Earth is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with more than 6 million international tourists visiting the country every year. Bordering along with France, Germany, Austria and Italy, Switzerland not only adds up to its rich cultural diversity but also makes it famous for its breathtaking views. Right from the beautiful snow covered Alps to modern cities like Zurich; a trip to Switzerland is once in a lifetime experience.

Here Are The Top Things To Do In Switzerland:

Mount Titlis

In Switzerland for the snow? You will get plenty of it. At more than 10,000 feet Mount Titlis is covered with snow all the year round. Experience this breathtaking journey from Engelberg on the world’s first rotating cable car. And it’s not just about the fun of being at the mountain that offers various snow sports activities, shops and restaurants but the joy of watching the green pastures, hearing the sound of the cow bells and taking in the fresh mountain air on your way up in the cable car.

Mount Titlis Train ride At Mount Jungfraujoch

A trip to Switzerland cannot be complete without a train ride. Visit the highest peak of Europe, Mount Jungfraujoch situated at more than 13,000 feet in the cogwheel railway from Interlaken. In between the multi cuisine restaurants and souvenir shops on the mountain don’t miss the ice sculptures in the ice palace andit’s glaciers. And if you are looking for more, take a trip to the beautiful Interlaken city to relax at one of the lovely coffee shops or the famous Oberhofen castle with its lake view.

Train Ride At Mount Jungfraujoch Enjoy The Biggest Waterfall – Rhine Falls

From the mountain top ready to take a dip in the water fall? Then Rhine Falls is the place to be. Get to the biggest waterfall of Europe, Rhine Falls through a boat ride that covers beautiful river side surrounded by magnificent castles. The viewing platform on the falls will make you feel you are standing right above the falls. And if this is not enough the children’s playground and the museum makes the visit even more fun.

Enjoy The Biggest Waterfall - Rhine Falls Visit The Historic Place – Chateau de Chillon, Montreux

If you want some quite time and love history, then visit the 11th century Chillon Castle in the town of Montreux. One of the most visited castles in Europe, the Chillon castle will surely move your heart with its beautiful courtyards right next to Lake Geneva. Make sure you take the tower tour and take a peep into its rooms, the 14th century paintings and the well-kept plantation. For a good view of the castle make sure you take the boat ride to arrive there.

Visit The Historic Place - Chateau de Chillon, Montreux Do shopping At Zurich

If you are a shopping freak with a love for great food, check out the modern city Zurich. The city not only offers you some of the best shopping places to buy their famous chocolates or Swiss watches but also gives you a chance to try hundreds of varieties of Swiss cheese, coffee and wines. In Zurich, the country’s largest cities don’t miss the old town side (Altstadt), the museum of Art and Lake Zurich. Also, do not fall for the expensive big stores for shopping but look up for a MIGROS store which offers you everything at a reasonable price.And if you feel hungry a big scoop of ice cream is what you should try from the several ice cream parlors in the area.

Do shopping At Zurich

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