8 Things You Should Not Miss On Your Trip To The Jemma el Fnaa Square In Marrakesh

Jemma El Fnaa Square Marrakesh

A trip to Marrakesh is incomplete without spending a day at the Jemma el Fnaa Square. Tourists are sure to be delighted by the activities that keep happening here throughout the day. This main square of Marrakesh is also known as the “Assembly of the Dead” or the “Place of the Vanished Mosque”. One is sure to be lost in the hustle and bustle of this place and be tempted to keep coming back to the Jemma el Fnaa again and again.

Here Are The 8 Things To Do In Jemma El Fnaa Square Marrakesh:

Henna Tattoo Artists

You can spot a number of artists beckoning you to try putting on a henna tattoo on your hands. You can spot these artisans in the mornings. Henna is a form of traditional tattoo. You will be amazed at the skill of these artists who quickly make some beautiful and delicate designs on your hands. A must try at the Jemma el Fnaa.

Henna tattoo artists

Snake Charmers

See some cobras dance to the tunes of their master’s music at the Jemma el Fnaa. The snake charmers lure you into seeing their snake’s dance which is undoubtedly very entertaining. If you are travelling with kids then your kids will surely enjoy this performance. The snake charmer will charge you a small amount if you wish to click pictures or shoot a video of the act.

Snake charmers

Chleuh Dancing Boys

The cultural tradition of Marrakesh does not allow women to dance in public. However you can dance to the tunes of the Chleuh dancing boys who do a great performance in the evenings. Shell a few dirhams and enjoy the live show at the Jemma el Fnaa.

Chleuh dancing boys


Want to listen to some interesting stories in Berberic or Arabic, then sit beside the story tellers at the Jemma el Fnaa who have some really interesting stories to tell you.



Enjoy some tricks by magicians at the Jemma el Fnaa in the evenings. It is a fun experience for kids.



This is the most attractive part of Jemma el Fnaa, also known as the street theatre where you can enjoy a variety of performances from belly dancers. Also know your future from an astrologer or get some treatment done from the healers.


Souk Ablueh

The souk or the marketplace at the Jemma el Fnaa is a traditional North African market. Whether you are a local of Marrakesh or a tourist, you have ample choices to buy and take back home. You can purchase your daily needs at the souk or just go window shopping and enjoy the items on display and the maddening crowd haggling for a bargain. You can also pick up souvenirs to take back home.

Souk Ablueh

Food Cafes

If you are tired of all the shopping and activities then stop for a quick bite or a hot cup of coffee or a refreshing drink at the food cafes and hotels at the Jemma el Fnaa.

Food cafes

If you would really like to enjoy the Jemma el Fnaa and know about the culture and tradition of Marrakesh then break down your trip to two days. This could give you ample time to enjoy all the recreational activities and also make some amazing purchases. Especially if you are looking to shop for things to take back home then consider visiting the souks to get a fair idea of the price and the items on sale. You could return back the next day and bargain on them to get a good deal.